• What is your shooting style?

    I love natural light and minimal posing with a casual approach. Much of my work could be categorized as Lifestyle photography, but I don't get too hung up on titles. Photography is at its best when the subjects feel comfortable and relaxed, and I believe it is my job as a photographer to help you get into that frame of mind.

  • What area is your focus in photography?

    I started off my photography business focusing on weddings, but since having a little bundle of joy I have been switching my focus to newborns, babies, and families. I'm very open to exploring new areas of photography so if you're interested in something I haven't mentioned please reach out!

  • What should I wear?!

    I get this one a lot! Something you feel comfortable in is key! Coordinated outfits are better than matchy matchy in my personal opinion. Think layers, complimentary colors, small patterns, etc. If you have further questions, shoot me a note.