Kruze & Family – One Year Session
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I thoroughly believe people are put into your life when you most need them. Kruze and her outstandingly wonderful momma were that to me this past year. Not only did I get the privilege of watching this newborn baby grow into her spunky one-year-old self, but I grew a friendship with a strong lady who supported me during a particularly rough year (more on that later).

I had every intention of sharing Kruze’s monthly photos are she grew, but as mentioned previously, this year was not exactly what I expected. So instead, here are the fabulously fun pictures from her one year session where she shared the camera with her doting family. Enjoy.

The Brazil Family
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Fall was a crazy time for me. I could go into details, but I’ll just say that I had a colicky baby. Enough said, right?

But this family photoshoot was a shining respite during a challenging time. It was an amazing shoot. The family: perfection. The sun: breathtaking. What else do you need?

I realize it’s months later that I’m sharing this post, but it was one of my favorites from this past year. I couldn’t not share it. Enjoy.

Splish Splash
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This past Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Sunshine, light breeze, happy vibes. Our plans for the afternoon were deterred by an extra long afternoon nap on Isla part. Darn – she says in her most sarcastic voice. So we set up Isla’s water table and inflatable pool, put on some tunes, and enjoyed every little bit of the perfect weather.

I’ve been really wanting Josh to get more comfortable taking pictures with my camera so that I, too, can be in pictures with the family. With this being an ideal setting to get some practice in, he very willingly agreed. And I love it. Not only is it great to be in pictures with my sweetie girl, I also love seeing our world through the eyes of my husband. How even though we’re shooting the same subject his perspective is completely different. I’ve included those shots in this post; they are obviously the ones with me in the picture 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of our family.