Ben’s Actor Headshots
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I have known my brother-in-law Ben since he was 12 years old. He came up to my shoulder. No lie. But now he’s 6’2″, graduated from college, and off in La La Land trying to make it big as an actor. They grow up so fast don’t they? He came into town to visit this spring and asked if I would be willing to do some updated headshots for him to use for his auditions and his website.

I’ve never done actor headshots before, but if they are all like the ones I did with Ben I want to do them all the time. It’s a total blast to have someone who is comfortable emoting themselves or a version of themselves for the camera. The session was lively, up beat, and a ton of fun.

Break a leg, Ben. I hope you’re Hollywood’s next John Krasinski. And ladies, he’s single.

Kruze & Family – One Year Session
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I thoroughly believe people are put into your life when you most need them. Kruze and her outstandingly wonderful momma were that to me this past year. Not only did I get the privilege of watching this newborn baby grow into her spunky one-year-old self, but I grew a friendship with a strong lady who supported me during a particularly rough year (more on that later).

I had every intention of sharing Kruze’s monthly photos are she grew, but as mentioned previously, this year was not exactly what I expected. So instead, here are the fabulously fun pictures from her one year session where she shared the camera with her doting family. Enjoy.

Project 365 – Weeks 13 & 14
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Project 365 – Week 12
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Beauty through the ashes…
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For a long time, I have wanted to “do something” with my photography. The obvious avenue of choice for most photographers is to start a photography business where one would be hired as a photographer. However, this avenue has never felt like a perfect fit for me. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it or want to continue to do so, but I have felt like something is missing.

I woke up last night with an idea. An idea I love. An idea I hope others will love. What if I use my talent to help others?

You see there is a friend of a friend whose story has touched me. Unfortunately, it’s a heartbreaking story of pediatric cancer. I haven’t been able to get this little boy and his family out of my mind for weeks, and I’m sad to say that today that beautiful little boy’s body could no longer handle that terrible cancer. My heart is breaking for this family I’ve never even met, and I cannot even try to guess the grief they are going through. But something his mom said struck me: we need more funding to help with research for these children and babies. Maybe, just maybe I can help with that.

Everyday for the remaining month of April, I will be selling an 8×10 giclee print of my artwork. All of the profits from these prints will be split between the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, NANT, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. They are $75, but of course you can always give more. I will be posting the print for sale on my Facebook page every morning. A different print everyday. 

Having someone purchase and love my artwork would be wonderful, but having it potential help others would mean so much more.

Project 365 – Week 11
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Isla & Poppy’s Spring Shoot
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Other than Poppy’s monthly pictures, I don’t often set up shoots for my girls since my Project 365 keeps me plenty busy. But last year I took some of my most favorite pictures of Isla when Spring had just sprung…

Every Spring, in front of my parent’s house blooms a gorgeous patch of daffodils. As I was talking to my dad on the phone, he informed me that the daffodils were out in all their glory and that I needed to take pictures that day. Isn’t that sweet? I love that he knows me so well to let me know such things. He was also dead on because the flowers only lasted a few more days.

The shoot lasted all of 15 minutes truth be told. As you can tell in the pictures, Isla had ideas of her own, but I absolutely love how they turned out. My sweet, sunny girls.

I love that this is a start of a tradition, and I hope to have our Spring Shoot every year. Enjoy.

The Brazil Family
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Fall was a crazy time for me. I could go into details, but I’ll just say that I had a colicky baby. Enough said, right?

But this family photoshoot was a shining respite during a challenging time. It was an amazing shoot. The family: perfection. The sun: breathtaking. What else do you need?

I realize it’s months later that I’m sharing this post, but it was one of my favorites from this past year. I couldn’t not share it. Enjoy.

Matcha Tonic
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I have given up something for Lent every year since I was in high school. It’s funny how things cycle because when I was younger, I picked things that were challenging for me at the time like “secular music.” Only Christian and country music for me. Yes, insert eye roll here. When I was in my twenties, occasionally I would pick something challenging like no unnecessary purchases, but most of the time I gave up stuff I was cool with giving up for 40 days. What’s the point right? This year I’m doing a double whammy of hard. I’m giving up two things that give me great comfort: alcohol and sweets. I love me my wine, and I love me my desserts (I’m sure if you looked at the recipe section this comes as no surprise).

It’s been about 2 weeks, and I have already learned quite a bit about my reliance on said items for comfort (and dropped the ball twice). If you’re a social media mama, post something about your rough day and likely one of your mama friends will insert the wine glass emoji. And it’s true! A nice glass of wine is very helpful for unwinding from a rough day, but what if you’re going to that glass of wine or that cookie instead of prayer. That was me. “I can handle this on my own,” I must have subconsciously thought.

Well, I really can’t, and this exercise has proven extremely humbling and stretching for me. Fortunately, I have a very thoughtful husband who started making me a delicious concoction as an afternoon pick-me-up after a particularly trying day. And it was a DELICIOUS Matcha Tonic.

If you aren’t familiar with matcha, it’s a green tea that is ground down to a powder that dissolves with liquid rather than steeping. I’ve been a big fan for years, but I’ve never tried it in a cold beverage other than smoothies. I am 110% hooked. Not only is matcha a source of caffeine that this sleepy mama needs, but it is also a known mood-lifter. So this drink is literally a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

To be honest I look forward to having my sweets and wine come Easter, but this simple refreshing tonic won’t be going anywhere.

Project 365 – Week 10
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