Knit Bracelets
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Back in the day my sister and I were the queens of bracelet making.  We could make the color string bracelets made from hundreds of little knots.  You know the kind I’m talking about right?  I could knock out a ton of those a day.

We also could make the woven hemp bracelets with the beads.  Oh, they were cool.  We were cool.

Well, my sister was…  maybe not so much for me.

Making those bracelets kept us entertained during the long summer swim meets.  That and eat jell-o powder.  Did anyone else do that, or is that weird?

Back to bracelets: I ran across a really fun blog called V and Co.   She makes quilting modern and chic.  I hope I’m that cool when I’m a mommy.  She also has a tutorial on how to make knit bracelets.

She made her bracelets with jersey knit fabric.  After hopping around to ever fabric store I knew in search of jersey knit with no avail, I tried to find some other knit fabric that might work.

I personally like how V and Co. bracelets turned out better, but I still really like mine as well.  It’s a nice addition to my usual mix. You can find the tutorial on the link above.  Might just have to order some jersey knit online and give it another shot.

What do you think?



  1. Molly Luton

    They are wayyyyy cute Jilly…just like you! Lol how cheesy was that?….I’m ok with the cheesiness level! See ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are darling! I want to try to make them. yours look good too, great job!

    • Thank you! Once I figured out what I was doing, they were a snap to make.

  3. jersey knit bracelets are totally on my crafty to-do list – love the colors you used for yours! also i have that same metal plated bracelet in the last photo 🙂

  4. LOVE!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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